Sober Grad

U-Prep Sober Grad 2019

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Sober Grad Is:


A fun, exciting celebration for graduates! It's an annual parent-planned free event that provides an all-night, safe, fun, alcohol and substance-free environment where Seniors celebrate their high school achievements and friendships. A wide variety of games, activities, prizes and food are enjoyed throughout the night. SG provides the parents and community peace, knowing that students are celebrating responsibly. It is a win-win event, and one which we want ALL seniors to attend. The Shasta County Chemical People helps sponsor the event by providing a non-profit umbrella entity, and providing Sober Grad Certificates for seniors to sell.  100% of the money raised through certificates is returned to the school, helping fund the Sober Grad event. An annual U-Prep Rummage Sale also raises SG funds. The more money raised, the more fun can be had at Sober Grad!


Why Have Sober Grad?


Since the inception of Sober Graduation in Shasta County (1992) there has not been a single alcohol related death due to graduation celebrations.

 WOW!  What a powerful and great statistic!


How Do Seniors and Families Participate?


       Join the U-Prep SG planning committee (Events don't happen on their own; volunteers make them happen)

       Help your Senior sell Sober Grad Certificates. This is our main fundraiser! We ask that each family buy/sell a minimum of one certificate (two is better!)

       Urge your student to attend Sober Grad.   Goal: all students celebrating wisely and safely.

       Check for periodic updates and forms.


Sober Grad Certificates Start in September: 

Be aware that :

          Sober Grad certificates are 100% tax deductible (Tax ID # 959249017)

          Each numbered and tracked certificate is $100.00, and will be sent to the buyer

          100% of the Certificate money U-Prep raises goes towards the U-Prep SG celebration

          Multiple people can join together to purchase a single certificate (a great family option).


Together we can create a wonderful, memorable and SAFE celebration for our kids!