Sober Grad Certificate Sales Information

Planning of the 2019 Sober grad Celebration has begun! Sales of Sober Grad Certificates (our main fundraiser) will soon begin!

If we focus on Certificate sales, which have a 100% return and are widely supported in our community, we can earn a huge chunk of the funds needed for Sober Grad. At $100 a certificate, and 109 Seniors in the class, each senior selling just one certificate brings in over $10,000! Wow!!  Each student selling 2 would fund the entire event! The more certificates sold, the fewer additional fundraisers are needed.

Parents:  Please support and assist your student  in selling these certificates. We ask that each family buy/sell a minimum of one certificate. Please strive for selling 2 or more.

Click here for the Sober Grad Certificate Sales Form

Click here for a script you can use to help sell certificates

Because each certificate is worth $100, each certificate is numbered and tracked to ensure proper acknowledgment of the seller and the buyer. The official certificate(s) will be mailed to the buyer when the purchase form and the $100 are received.  Students will be given letters, rather than the actual certificates, to show to buyers. U-Prep SG is held accountable for all certificates signed out for sale.

Keep in mind that all the other high schools are also selling certificates, so asking  for donations  before the market is saturated and/or focusing your sales on your personal relationships with businesses, friends and family is most productive.  Certificate sales are ongoing until March.

A certificate  can be purchased by multiple people, which is a great family  and neighbor option! If 5 people join together and donate $20 each, they can purchase a single $100 certificate, with each person getting the benefit of their tax-free donation. Just list all contact information on the form. Many businesses have supported past Sober Grad events, so visit them and ask for their continued support. However, before you approach a business be sure they are not on the Protected Vendor List, as these businesses already support the Shasta Co. Sober Grad Committee and are not to be further solicited.

The more certificates we sell, the more fun can be had at Sober Grad!

Selling Points to Remember:
•    Since the inception of Sober Graduation celebrations in Shasta Co., there has not been a single alcohol related death  due to graduation celebrations.
•    Sober Graduations Certificates are 100% tax deductible (Tax ID #959249017)
•    100% of the money raised goes towards the Sober Graduation celebration.
•    Check the Protected Vendor List before you ask/sell.
•    Write your name & the buyer's name on the purchase form.
•    Remember to THANK the buyer for supporting you and the event.

When selling SGC certificates there are certain businesses that are "protected" and must not be approached.  These businesses and individuals already support the 2019 Shasta County Sober Graduation Celebration.  To see the list of protected businesses, please click on the link below.

Protected Vendor List