In order to have a successful celebration we need lots of help and  donations.



Just a few of the items we need are:

MONEY - This is the most critical.  While receive many donations, the majority of the party and prizes are purchased from local vendors.

Boxer Shorts - We need a minimum of 109 pairs of boxer shorts for our Boxer Bingo

PRIZES - We need everything from small items to give away as game prizes to big items used in our final drawing.  Our goal is to send every senior home with a wonderful prize.

DECORATIONS - We are looking futuristic themed décor items.

ENTERTAINMENT - Do you have a special talent you would like to share?  Are you a magician?  A hypnotist?  Do you have bounce houses we could use?  Maybe a photo booth?  Any video game consoles you are no longer using?  Board Games?

FOOD - With over 100 teenagers to feed, we need LOTS of food!

As we decide on a theme, we will post more details wish lists, so please check back frequently!