Hall of Fame

Sober Grad Certificates Superstars

AJ Sierra (1)

Claire Henderson (1)

Dawson Wolcott (1)

Kristine Cordy (1)

Michael Bayer (1)

Andrew lawrimore (1)

Natalie jimenez (1)

Allison Grewell (1½)

Bridget Grewell (1½)

Julie Racette (2)

Taylor Wagner (2)

Ashton Adcock (2)

Shannon Crannell (2)

Cody Jones (2)

Taylor Smith (2)

Donnie McGrane (3)


Burrito Bandito Winners!        Jumba Juice Winners!

Shannon Crannell              Ashton Adock

Donnie McGrane               Taylor Wagner


Community Supporters of 2018:

Jeff Avery ~ State Farm Insurance        Redding Subaru

SJ Denham Chrysler Jeep Fiat             Charles Cooley DDS

Gentle Touch Dentistry                   Frontier Girls LLC

Gard Heating & Air                       Merrill Lynch

Legal Shield Independent Associate        Gregory Dean Taylor DDS

Evanhoe, Kellogg & Company Certified Accountants


Individual Supporters of 2018:

Michael & Jennie Sierra              Samuel & Tamara Adcock

Mike & Melody Smith                     Jerry & Evelyn Sarria

Charles & Colette Crannell         Christopher & Daniele Crannell

Larry & Judy Crewell               Shannon & Sabrina McGrane

         Barbara Weber                 Stacey & Sam Jimenez